Jack Windrush Book 2

The second audiobook in the 6 part series will be on sale very shortly.

Written by Malcolm Archibald and again, narrated by me.


Jack and his disreputable 113th Foot have to resort to ungentlemanly actions to get themselves posted to Crimea. A lieutenant in British Army’s worst regiment, Jack hankers for recognition to regain his true station in life.
At the Battle of the Alma, Jack is sent to General Campbell of the Highland Brigade to offer the assistance of the 113th. Having buried the dead, he meets the beautiful Helen Maxwell, but soon after receives orders to leave the country.
Facing the formidable Russian army led by the savage Major Kutozov, Jack learns that life in the front line is tough, with only the wayward Helen to alleviate the horrors of war.

Praise from readers:
★★★★★ – “The battle scenes are thrilling and descriptive of the bravery of both the Russians and the Brits. The book is crafted beautifully and the writing is superb.”
★★★★★ – “Archibald delivers a gritty tale worthy of the Charge of the Light Brigade, and he spins it masterfully with personal storylines. A scorching read.”

Jack Windrush Book 1

The first of six stories in the Jack Windrush series has been on sale since August this year. Written by Malcolm Archibald and narrated by me.



Burmese War, 1852. Unable to join the famous Royal Malverns, Jack Windrush is commissioned into the despised 113th Foot.
Determined to rise in the ranks and make a name for himself, he is sent with the 113th to join the British expedition. But when they get involved in the attack of Rangoon, Jack realizes that war on the fringes of the Empire is not as honorable and glorious as he expected.
After a chance meeting with a renegade British soldier, Jack witnesses the true terrors of war, and begins to question the whole framework in which he has grown up.

Praise from readers:
★★★★★ – “A well-crafted historical novel.”
★★★★★ – “Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys military fiction.”
★★★★★ – “Archibald delivers one heck of a story.”
★★★★★ – “Impossible to put down.”

The audiobook is on sale from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Nature’s Magic

Books 1 and 2 in Marlene Beer’s Nature’s Magic series are now available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes. This a summary of the series:

In a small, medieval village lives the 13-year-old Arah, who was raised as an orphan in the household of the kind pastor. Arah loves books and often retreats into her own dream world. A significant day comes when a travelling exorcist comes into the village searching for hidden witches. Although Arah likes to fantasize about magic and deep down in her heart would love to have magical powers, she can only listen to the exorcist’s words with suspicion. There could not possibly be witches in the real world….
When she is suddenly accused of being a witch, it is time for her to flee. The girl does not yet know that the exorcist’s allegations are actually correct. Only when Arah meets the real magic she understands more and more who she really is. A journey full of suspense and danger awaits the girl during which she not only finally finds out who her parents are, but also discovers love for the first time.

The Audiobooks are getting 5 star reviews on Audible.com and Audible.co.uk, so please have a look if you are an audiobook fan.


Up and down

Just wanted to write a few notes of record on how up and down this business is.

I’ve had a busy week, for once – last weekend we performed Skerryvore at Barnstaple Fringe Theatrefest on three occasions, with good audiences and a glowing review. On Monday I had to do a voiceover for a Spanish company, as well as continue recording and editing the first Jack Windrush book. Tuesday, more editing with a further request from the Spanish company for another voiceover – a technical document on liquid fertilizer (well, someone has to do it). Wednesday and Thursday more recording and editing, more VO auditions submitted to prospective companies, and a rehearsal for Twelfth Night on Thursday evening. Today, more editing and a payment from the Spanish company (yay!) and another rehearsal tonight and Sunday.

Can’t complain about all this activity, but come August 3rd (last night of the play) I bet that will be it for a while – then expect the glums to set in…


This week I have received invites to produce some audiobooks. The first was from a German author who would like me to record an English version of her novel and the second from a publisher representing a British author, who has written a series of five books set in the mid to late 19th century in India and the Crimea. If the first goes well, I hope to be able to produce all five, which will be quite something. If the name Jack Windrush doesn’t yet mean anything to you, I hope it soon will.

Both projects are interesting in their own different ways and both will be a challenge. Still, after months of being, temporarily, unsuccessful in finding acting work, these projects come a pretty close second. I’m performing to, eventually one hopes, an attentive and interested audience whilst sitting in my home-made soundbooth.

The discipline rest entirely on voice, obviously, and one is forced to re-think how one uses the voice and how creative one needs to be in doing justice to the author’s work. It stretches one’s capabilities as well as being quite good fun. Learning how to use the software has been very interesting, along with investing in some new kit, has also been part of the process – all part of the job, I guess.