This is Wayne’s World

Like many families across the world, the current ‘situation’ has forced us to share more time with each other and for many this can be good or bad or some of both. We seem to be coping well, all things considered, and there have been some positive experiences, one of which has been watching films/TV shows that mean something to each of us. Fortunately, I’m ok with wall-to-wall Harry Potter, up to a point, but I’ve had to think twice about inflicting Lord of the Rings (extended versions, naturally) on the rest of my family. Common ground has been found in two movies which we’ve all really appreciated: Wayne’s World and This is Spinal Tap, both ‘laddish’ in some ways (and both centred around rock music) but still possessing the ability to entertain wider audiences.

Wayne’s World we enjoyed for its exuberance and youthful silliness and I was pleased that Spinal Tap was a palpable hit with my, now grown-up, daughters. I first saw it in the early 80’s soon after release and as I was in a band at the time, its themes and humour resonated with me quite strongly. Our band was never anything to write home about but the movie’s takes on rehearsal, performance, egos, rapidly changing band members and vomit made us feel a part of a wider, wild, wacky world of rock. I believe the phrase ‘taking it up to 11’ came from Spinal Tap, but I may be wrong. Fans will know what I mean.

What pleased me is the common ground and connections we made watching movies that could now be regarded as cultural milestones. They made me laugh when I first saw them and now they’re making my children laugh. Thanks guys.

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