Who’s There? A collection of stories

I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to narrate a collection of stories by Indonesian author Dimas Rio, as it has been a new departure for me. The book consists of five tales, of varying length, having a distinct flavour of Asian horror in the style of The Ring or The Grudge. Other themes are invoked, such as domestic abuse, bereavement, revenge from beyond the grave and legendary nightmare creatures.

My particular favourite is The Voice Canal, a heartwarming story of a young student coming to terms with the loss of his father. The Wandering, the longest of the five stories, is perhaps the most complex, with the use of forgotten correspondence as a means of gradually revealing a shocking truth denied by the protagonist.

Here are some reviews of the book:

“Dark stories that entrance and unnerve.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Nail-biting, psychological and truly thrilling stories. Horror in its most tasteful sense” – K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“Slow-burn, modern, psychological tales that will appeal to horror fans… an entertaining Southeast Asian flavor of horror for fans of the genre.” – Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite 

“Eerie… gives the reader a creep-out factor on a personal level.” – Tiffany Ferrell for Readers’ Favorite

Have a look on Amazon – the book is available in paperback and Kindle – the Audiobook will be available soon.


2 thoughts on “Who’s There? A collection of stories

  1. Thank you Bill for your work on my book. When I listened to the final recording of the book for the first time, I couldn’t believe how well the words, the characters and the stories were brought to life (and how you handled the many Indonesian words/slangs with ease!). Yes, the audio book is currently being processed to be distributed through multiple platforms. I will let you know when they are officially released.

    Again, thank you for such wonderful work!

    Best regards,



    1. Hello Dimas – thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed producing the book and I am so pleased to hear that you are happy with it.

      I wish you every success for the future.



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