A Slight Delay

There seems to have been a delay in the publication of my latest audiobook ‘The Vampire Hunter’s Field Manual – A Survivor’s Guide to Narcissistic Abuse’, by Matt Davis. It was submitted well over three week’s ago and is still up for ‘audio review’ by ACX/Audible. It must be a sign of the times and I’m not going to be chasing this one in the circumstances we find ourselves in. However, the paperback/Kindle versions are on sale and here are edited highlights of some of the reviews so far:

*****Essential read for anyone one in or who has left an abusive relationship. Buy without hesitation.

*****A shocking but easy to understand manual of the worst kind of relationship possible!

****A strong and insightful look at the dark side of relationship

*****The perfect gift I found for a friend who has ‘lived experiences’ of the situations and people described in this book. She told me that this book was like reading her own life! She loves it.

I hope I have done justice to Matt’s book and that it will be on sale soon.





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