A Survivor’s Guide to Narcissistic Abuse

I’ve spent quite a bit of time since the beginning of the year in preparing, recording and processing my latest audiobook – The Vampire Hunter’s Field Manual – A Survivor’s Guide to Narcissistic Abuse. It’s written by Matt Davis, with a Foreword by actor Gemma Oaten, who are both survivors of narcissistic abuse.

Matt’s approach is not only based on his own experience but is rooted in psychology theory and other academic disciplines. He’s combined a matter-of-fact approach with an element of humour that gives permission and hope for survivor’s to laugh again. Even during recording, I found bits of it very funny (had to edit my laughs out though).

I’ve been sending over chapters to him as and when they’re finished and I’m glad to say he’s pleased with the results so far, and he loves the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ feel of the audiobook. Here’s a short sample:

To give a brief overview, the book covers:

  • The Mind of the Vampire
  • The Vampire’s Attack Cycle, Weapons and Tactics
  • Drama and the Drama Triangle
  • How Vampires train their Targets
  • The biological, psychological and emotional effects of narcissistic abuse
  • How Targets may become Survivors and the Key Skills they can acquire

I’m hoping to get it completed by the end of February and it should be on sale on Audible and iTunes by the middle of March. If you would like to receive a free copy for review, please email me at wallender1957@outlook.com and I will send you details on how to download it.

Here is the link to Amazon if you wanted to get a paperback/Kindle copy. I hope you enjoy it and that you find it helpful – it’s certainly taught me a lot.