A different kind of Vampire…still not very nice though


Audiobook narration part 3

Some people have been getting into a flap about the latest interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, broadcast on the BBC over the Christmas break. Whilst not actually shedding blood over the subject, this mini-series (if three 90 minute episodes meet the definition) has driven a stake between those who love it and those who…don’t. Claes Bang’s performance as the eponymous Count has been met with pretty much universal acclaim, but issues over the writing and, in my view, mangling of the story have seen some critics going for the jugular over this seasonal gore-fest. Van Helsing’s a nun? Harker is a zombie? Such liberties with the original source provide a rich vein of controversy that some cannot resist getting their teeth into, but as has been said many times before, fangs ain’t what they used to be…

Sorry. I can’t keep it up. Having got your attention (I hope), what I really want to say is that I have just started work on my latest audiobook – The Vampire Hunter’s Field Manual: A Survivor’s Guide to Narcissistic Abuse, by Matt Davis.

Matt gave the green light to the first 15 minutes last week and I have already submitted the introduction and the first chapter for his approval. It’s a tough subject but his style is very accessible and the book is proving to be a pleasurable task, as far as narration goes. It’s my longest project so far, coming in at 106k words and will finally be a 11+ hour listen.

He writes from personal experience and, combined with an academic background in psychology, he breaks down and explains a surprisingly common phenomenon. He examines those who, in their personal and intimate relationships, prey on others as a source of narcissistic supply due to having a disordered personality (rather than a personality disorder). Such individuals he describes, justifiably, as Vampires.

The book is essentially written for those who have survived or are undergoing an abusive relationship and will fall into the self-help category, but I would recommend it to anyone. The Forward is written by actor Gemma Oaten who, as UK readers might know, starred in ITV’s never-ending soap opera Emmerdale.

I hope to finish this project by the end of February so, all being well, the audiobook should be on sale in March, at which time I will be back, encouraging all and sundry to CROSS Audible’s palm with SILVER and add to the growing COUNT of audiobook fans…

No, that really is it.

One thought on “A different kind of Vampire…still not very nice though

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