The Last Roundhead – Great feedback!

There has been some feedback on Twitter from a distinguished source. Doctor Robert Lyman has listened to the audiobook and has said:

Doctor Lyman is a military historian and has acted as consultant on the BBC show ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Here’s a link to his website:


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The Rat in the Cellar – part 2

Thursday night saw the revival of The Rat in the Cellar, a radio play performed in front of a sold-out house at St Mary in the Castle, Hastings UK.

The star of the show was Miriam Margolyes, well-known film and TV actor, famous for portraying Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter series of films. Here is the cast in rehearsal on the day.

MM and cast

Sitting next to her is yours truly, as her husband in the play, with Garry Fox and Peter Mould as Jimmy and Mike.

The evening was packed, with a good audience of just under 450. It was a charity event for the Hastings Coffin Club and raised a goodly sum for the charity. It was quite an experience for me, Garry and Peter, working with such a high-profile star and nearly a national treasure. Great fun.