Audiobooks: plans for the future

My work in producing audiobooks so far has been a great learning experience. I was attracted to it because, first and foremost, I am an actor who enjoys reading and performing. This goes for stage work as well as books. It’s been a year since I gave up the day job, in the hopes of obtaining paid acting work and I have been moderately successful, but only moderately. This has consisted of a brief but successful run of ‘Skerryvore’ at the Barnstaple Fringe Festival, a longer run of ‘Twelfth Night’ at the Ellen Terry Barn Theatre in Smallhythe, a very short run at the Brighton Scratch Nights this week and an upcoming live performance of a radio play in Hastings in December. But it’s not enough to pay the bills, so that’s why I thought I would branch out into voiceover and audiobooks.

Again, some moderate success. In July I got a couple of voiceover jobs but since then I’ve had three audiobooks published, with a fourth to be published, I hope, this week. Fortunately, these are not one-offs: the Nature’s Magic series should have a third instalment coming out soon; I have contracts for four more Windrush books and, if the first Candy book is a success, there will be three more of those. My aim is to build up a fairly decent back catalogue of 12-13 books by summer next year. However, I need to put in some variety as historical fiction is not as popular as biography or romantic fiction (or erotic fiction, but let’s not go there). A broad spectrum of genres is what I’m aiming for and I’ll put an update on here every so often.

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