The Last Roundhead

I have now started work on the next audiobook – The Last Roundhead, by Jemahl Evans.


This is the first of a series of four books, being the fictional memoires of Sir Blandford Candy who is relating his experiences, adventures and escapades during the English Civil War.

Here is some information about the hard/paperbacks:

England has been plunged into a Civil War.
Blandford Candy is sent to London, after an illicit affair, and joins the Roundhead army to fight against the King, taking part in the Battle of Edgehill.
A reluctant hero if ever there was one, he becomes a spy for the cause – and, through luck or judgement, uncovers more than one Royalist plot. His love of wine and the fairer sex prove both a curse and a blessing for the agent. Blandford soon earns the enmity of the King’s spy mistress Jane Whorwood, and patronage of the great parliamentarian leader John Hampden.
As well as navigating the politics and perils of the Civil War Blandford must also deal with members of his family, who turn out to be to be far more duplicitous and ruthless than any rival agent.
To survive, Blandford must choose a side.

The Last Roundhead is the first book in the acclaimed series of novels, charting the adventures of Sir Blandford Candy during the English Civil War.

Recommended reading for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Michael Jecks and George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman books.

Praise for Jemahl Evans and the Blandford Candy series:
“Blandford Candy is as endearing a rogue as you are likely to find in any work of literature.” Matthew Harffy author of the Bernicia Chronicles.
“The research is impeccable and the writing full of verve.” Antonia Senior, The Times.
“It’s great fun and a rollicking good read.” Historical Novel Society.
“Frankly, glorious.” Michael Jecks.

Jemahl Evans is the author of the acclaimed Sir Blandford Candy series of novel. He lives in West Wales.

My task is to bring to life Candy’s story, as if he was speaking directly into the listener’s ear. He is a bit of a lovable rogue, as a youngster, and a bit of a curmudgeon in his old age – he has led a very interesting life, during violent and troubling times. The research that has gone into this book is amazingly thorough and is done to enhance the story, rather than weigh it down. I hope I can do it justice.

This and all my other audiobooks may be found via Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Here is a link:


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