Brighton Scratch Nights

This week I have taken part in the presentation of new writing at the Brighton Scratch Nights held at the Rialto Theatre in Brighton. Some friends who run a theatre company (‘George Lassos the Moon’)  asked me to play one of the roles in a new play called ‘Sammy’, written by Christopher Owen. Have a look here for further details:

It’s an intriguing piece, addressing issues such as Pro-life, religious views on the treatment of apparently untreatable childhood illnesses and the dilemmas parents have to face in terribly difficult circumstances. I don’t think we won the popularity contest but our performances were strong, on the whole. The winner’s piece will be developed and presented at the Brighton Fringe Festival next year.

Here’s a link for a review:

The Brighton Scratch Night 2019

It was an interesting experience – the Rialto is a tiny theatre and the first night was made even more interesting by six theatre groups all vying for dressing rooms, prop storage and rehearsal space.

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