This week I have received invites to produce some audiobooks. The first was from a German author who would like me to record an English version of her novel and the second from a publisher representing a British author, who has written a series of five books set in the mid to late 19th century in India and the Crimea. If the first goes well, I hope to be able to produce all five, which will be quite something. If the name Jack Windrush doesn’t yet mean anything to you, I hope it soon will.

Both projects are interesting in their own different ways and both will be a challenge. Still, after months of being, temporarily, unsuccessful in finding acting work, these projects come a pretty close second. I’m performing to, eventually one hopes, an attentive and interested audience whilst sitting in my home-made soundbooth.

The discipline rest entirely on voice, obviously, and one is forced to re-think how one uses the voice and how creative one needs to be in doing justice to the author’s work. It stretches one’s capabilities as well as being quite good fun. Learning how to use the software has been very interesting, along with investing in some new kit, has also been part of the process – all part of the job, I guess.

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