I’ve had two auditions this week. My agent emailed me on Wednesday night to ask if I could get up to London by 2.30 the next day and attend an audition for two (very) small parts in an upcoming Netflix film, starring Forest Whitaker. Being a conscientious and willing actor, desperate for a part (and money) after 5 months of inactivity, I dutifully went. Forest wasn’t there – apparently he has ‘people’ who do that sort of thing for him. Interesting experience. Actually felt quite relaxed and I think I did ok – but that’s the problem, it was ‘ok’. In my experience, it’s not the done thing to ask for feedback on these occasions, or even enquire when the casting director might be making up his mind, as this is often regarded as de trop behaviour from a supplicant, so I’ll just wait and see what happens. Would be nice to act, however briefly, with a big star though.

The second audition was for an audiobook narration with Amazon’s off-shoot, ACX. I’ve invested some time and money into recording kit, software and acoustic tiling in my downstairs cupboard (not a euphemism), so that I can produce my own material at home. It’s been an interesting learning curve, but enjoyable. I’d like to make money sitting in a cupboard at home – seems like my ideal job. Again, I’m waiting and seeing.

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